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World of Entertainment is brimming with Entertainers and artists from all fields, still there is so much yet to be discovered, admired and appreciated. EntNetwrk in partnership with India's giant entertainment company Cineyug brings to you First ever social networking platform made exclusively for the Entertainment fraternity and aspirants all around the globe to showcase, engage, build network, discover Entertainers and opportunities.

Entertainment industries and Entertainers are Culturally diverse, yet they all work towards the sole purpose - to Entertain. This diversity is what makes it all the more magnificent. Ent Netwrk is the one stop haven you have been looking for to pursue your passion and get you to instantly connect with millions of like-minded & diverse people, fans, artists, technicians & industry stalwarts.

Founded by Deepansh Malhotra and Harshit Malhotra in partnership with Azhar Morani & Alim Morani From Cineyug Entertainment. Ent Netwrk aims at bridging the gap between all sections of the Entertainment industry (Indian, Asian, American, British, Independent etc.) and YOU! Talent searchers, recruiters, aspiring entertainers, studios, theaters, production houses, advertisers, writers, directors, musicians, technicians are all now in one place.

This way you are interacting with an array of entertainers and industries globally. It helps everyone part of it to engage and indulge each other via personal interactions, feedback, criticisms, discussions etc. All of which is only going to help widen horizons, hone skills, learn about other entertainers, their craft, the different industries and the opportunities available.

Production Houses are in for a real treat here, they have variety of options to choose from- Writers, actors, singers, musicians, comedians, directors, cinematographers, editors etc. Independent, non- commercial entertainment work and artists get the chance to promote and create a global audience for themselves as well.

Art is priceless so are Artists and that's what Ent Netwrk is thriving to do, provide everyone equal and fair world of opportunity. Our organized live events, contests and competitions will be designed to give a boost to emerging talents for them to make it big in the industry . The rewards associated with them are an added icing on the cake, that to all free of any subscription cost. The platform is set to introduce the 'Celebrity Wish' feature soon where in Celebrities will get to Earn through confirming to their fans requests of wishing them or their loved ones on any special occasion via video message. Apart from these there are a lot of unique features that EntNetwrk will be launching very soon on the platform for all users.

Make a mark globally via EntNetwrk.

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